Thursday, April 3, 2014

Trattoria Aroma - Main Street - Dessert

Trattoria Aroma on Main is my go-to restaurant.  It's conveniently located close to my house, they have great daily specials and I love the atmosphere at the bar.  There's always someone to strike up a conversation with and Joe, the bartender, is friendly and attentive.  And he really knows his wine.

On this visit, it was my girlfriend's birthday.  We basically inhaled our dinners.  Clark had a gorgonzola tagliatelle and I had a sesame seed tuna and orzo salad (both delicious).  After dinner we got the expected question: would you like to see the dessert menu, and we laughed because we had just said how full we both were already.  Guess what happened next.

Clark responded "Nothing more will fit... unless there's creme brulee."  And you guessed it, there was creme brulee.  Joe told her that she must be lucky because it was her birthday.  (In fact, every day is lucky for her... but that's another story.)  Sometimes her luck rubs off on me, it seems, because they had a dish similar to, but actually so much better than(!), banana bread pudding, which is one of my favorite desserts.

I have never been disappointed in any of their desserts and this night was no exception.

Creme Brulee 

Cinnamon Brioche with Bananas, Maple Ice Cream and Bacon
(Ah! Can you think of anything better?)

This was like my ideal dessert.  I tend to like desserts that are less sweet and the cinnamon-bacon combo was amazing.  The brioche was a little bit crusty and warm in the center so it had a really good texture change, crunch to soft, when I bit into it.  Paired with the maple ice cream and banana, this was heaven on a plate for me.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

I wonder if adding candied pecans to this dish would be too many components... it would add a nice crunch.

Oh... did you want to try some?


  1. That looks amazing!!! They are opening another location on North French near Transit.

    1. It's exciting to see a great restaurant doing so well! I think the new location officially opened just a few weeks ago!

  2. Both of those desserts look amazing! I love Bacon! What type of wine paired with it?

    1. I love bacon too!! And I was so obsessed with every bite of that dessert I put in my mouth. It really was great. I think I was drinking their aglianico by the glass that night. Trattoria Wine List

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