Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Andrzejewski-Gedra Tasting Meal

Several weeks ago Doug and I went to a tasting dinner at Mike A's (soon to be Bourbon & Butter) which was created by the combined powers of Mike Andrzejewski with Steve and Ellen Gedra (Black Sheep).  It was a ten course dinner each paired with a cocktail or wine.  There were many things in this meal that I had never eaten before (blood risotto, squid ink, urchin and lamb testicles to name a few) so that plus the experimental feel of each dish made for a really enjoyable experience.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Soft-Boiled Scotch Quail Egg

I'm sure I've already mentioned the frequency I eat eggs.  It's often.  I love eggs.

The first time I had a quail egg was in Thailand.  Doug and I were on our honeymoon, perusing a street market looking for dinner.  So much of the food looked and smelled unfamiliar which was thrilling.  But more than once, something we had thought was foreign turned out to be a familiar ingredient that had just been prepared in an unrecognizable way.  In those circumstances we had conversations that went something like this: "So, do you think that's a meat or some kind of a fruit?" [cautiously take a bite]  "Oh, it's a potato."  Somehow, that was an equally exciting discovery.

At one point, we came across a stand selling fried hard-yolk quail eggs with a light squirt of that fermented, southeast Asian staple: fish sauce.  I swear, fish sauce over there is like Franks over here.  It goes on everything!  I liked the salty addition, but the powerful flavor overwhelmed any delicate flavors of the egg itself.  I made a mental note to try quail eggs on my own sometime back in the states.

Our Thai Street Meat Adventure

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tabree - BNF Dinner

I belong to a facebook group called Buffalo/Niagara Foodies.  BNF is a forum for people who love food and I am frequently amazed at how much knowledge is housed amongst its members.  For me, it's been an informative and entertaining resource for information on availability and preparation of ingredients, restaurants and various local food news.

Last week some of BNF's members arranged to meet one another for dinner to enjoy our pre-established common interest (food) and discover more about one another.  After a vote, with an overwhelmingly obvious winner, reservations were made at Tabree.  Eleven of us met, ordered from the menu and discussed food and life between (and sometimes during) mouthfuls of bliss.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Doug and I visited Tabree the night before I threw a big dinner party.  I wanted to escape the house for a great meal and some last minute inspiration before heading back into my own little kitchen.  

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Warm Corn and Bell Pepper Salad with Asparagus

Today Amateur Omnivore is guest posting for fellow blogger But I'm Hungry while she is taking a little baby-moon with her newborn daughter.

Check out this tasty vegetable side dish here and while your at it check out Christina's genius Creme Brulee Cheesecake and  Chipotle Sweet Potato Chowder!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lombardo's Vine and Dine Dinner

Our recent Vine and Dine dinner at Lombardo was such a treat.  The food courses were thoughtfully paired with wines from Arrowhead Spring Vineyard and Leonard Oakes Estate Winery and I really appreciate when you can tell that a lot of love and planning went into a meal, as was the case with this one.  To read more about this meal, check out Nittany Epicurean.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Scallops Two Ways and Margarita Jello

I absolutely love scallops.  I love the delicate texture and the sweet, mild flavor and I love trying new preparations for them.  I've had them prepared with with hot sauce, with pasta, with vinaigrettes, with corn, with grapefruit, with prosciutto, with strawberries, with cream sauces and with sweet potatoes and cranberries.  I'm trying to say that they pair well with a lot of other foods and flavors.

Scallops tend to be a 'special occasion' meal at our house because of the heftier price tag compared to other seafood, but they're easy and quick to make at home.  If you haven't done this before, the trick is to just keep an eye on your pan.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Remember that first really nice Saturday this Spring?  Ellen, my friend and recurring star in this blog, and I took full advantage of it and had a fun girls day out.  We ran errands, shopped around at the mall, picked up the petticoat for under her wedding dress, drove around Hertel, hit up a flea market, walked around Elmwood and ended up eating lunch at Agave.

Sitting there at the bar, the sun pouring through windows and keeping us toasty warm, spanish guitars drifting through the speakers, drinking margaritas (hers frozen strawberry, mine regular on the rocks, both with salt), it felt like we were on vacation in Mexico.  We were there for two hours but I could have stayed for four, it just felt good in there.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Garage Deli

The Garage Deli, on Kenmore Avenue next to Torches, is open weekdays for lunch.  Owned and cheffed by the Richert family, you just sort of know that your meal is going to be a treat.

I thought I would never get the opportunity to eat here.  It's a little too far from work to trek over for lunch, but I am a lucky girl.  Ellen (yes, Curly's, Martin Cooks and Agave Ellen), is a teacher and on her week off for spring break she offered to pick up lunch from The Garage for both of us and meet me somewhere closer to my work to chow down.